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Transform your home from boring to chic with these DIY design hacks!
September 24, 2018

You know you’re tired of your home design when you no longer feel inspired living in it. It’s like your home is still functional, and you can still live by day-to-day. But you just don’t get excited living in it. It just feels like the same old boring home to you.

Does this sound like your home?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us feel the same way after living in the same house for some time. The best way to counter this is to give your home a mini makeover. One that doesn’t cost you alot, is easy to execute and you can DIY it yourself. Is that even possible? Hell YES! You don’t have to specially hire an Interior Designer just to give your home the mini makeover it deserves!

Here’s how you can EASILY turn your boring plain home into something contemporary and chic!


Bring your walls alive!

Many of us like to have plain white walls. While they’re nice and neat, they can also get boring after some time. Instead, you can turn your boring walls into something chic with…

Wall art

The key to designing it well is that within each room, avoid placing wall art on multiple walls. Just select one wall that you would like to transform, and only place all arts on that wall. And that’s it! It’s that easy to bring your wall alive!

You could go for big singular paintings to bring contrast to your space …


… Or even opt for for multiple smaller paintings that are equally contrasting.


Or, you could opt for 3D art pieces that’re sure to accentuate the stylish look of your space!


Wall plants

Then what can you do with your other walls, if you still find them boring? Putting paintings on every other wall will only make the walls look clustered. So instead, look for pillars to mount wall plants on. Wall plants are not only great for decorative purposes, but are also great to give your room a fresh look and feel!


and even wall paper!

And, if you’re not a fan of wall paintings or wall plants, you can still opt for wall papers! These days, wall papers not only come in a wide variety of colours and textures, but are also made easy to install and tear down. So you can give your home a new look without spending a bomb!

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

Table-top decors are a must!

We all tend to have alot of table-tops around the house. Be it the coffee table, kitchen counter top, dining table,  bedside table and even the bathroom counter top.  But high chances are that we either leave these table-tops bare or have things piling on it in a unorganised mess fashion. To give these table-tops a more contemporary and stylish look, all you have to do is to store away everything unnecessary, and start the good habit of keeping a good storage system for those necessities. And never forget to furnish your table-tops with decorative items!

It could be a flower vase that brings life to your table-top …


… Or you could get creative with your own DIY table top display…


… Or you could even make use of table-top ornaments to display your prized items…


Carpets can make a whole lot of difference too!

Besides the walls and the table tops, of course we can’t forget the floors as well! Rather than renovating your entire home’s flooring, you could give your floors a stylish look simply by pairing your furniture with matching carpets. Carpets when paired well, can not only accentuate the stylish look, but can give your furniture a cosy feel with a cohesive theme.


And the best part is, just like wall papers, wall art and table-top decors, carpets are adaptable and movable. So you can always easily give your rooms a different look, simply by swapping the decorative items between the rooms! Great way to save on your interior designing, isn’t it?

World class home designs at an affordable price. Sounds good?

You can have it, really soon.
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