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Top 10 Home designs as voted by 4,000 SG homeowners!
May 9, 2017

Are you thinking of giving your home a new face lift this lunar new year? Here’s the good news! We have compiled for you the TOP 10 home designs as voted by 4,000 homeowners via Nestr app, so you don’t have to crack your head thinking what design to go for. Here goes!

#10: RiverPac

Coming in at the 10th spot, we have this contemporary-modern condo at Punggol that kept its primary colours simple and muted. And by creatively pairing it with darker tones of home furnishing, this design keeps the space looking neatly elegant, without looking heavy.

Type: Condo
Interior Designer: Voila Design
Design Style: Contemporary, Modern
Renovation Cost: $50,000
Size: 167 sqm

#9: 670B Edgefield Plains

If you’re looking for a home design that makes you feel cozy and homely, then this must be it! Making it as the 9th most popular home design, this retro apartment in Edgefield Plains kept its interior design simple and fuss-free. Paired with basic home furnishing, this home is sure to make you feel carefree and at ease.

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Cozy Ideas Interior Design
Design Style: Retro, Rustic
Renovation Cost: $25,000
Size: 93 sqm

#8: Tampines Green Terrace

If you’re a fan of all things Industrial, then you won’t want to miss this 8th most popular home design. With its brick walls, industrial lighting, and a low renovation cost of only $20,000, it’s a sure-go for Industrial design lovers, isn’t it?

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Vinterior Design
Design Style: Contemporary, Industrial, Scandinavian
Renovation Cost: $20,000
Size: 93 sqm

#7: Bedok Ria Cres

Coming in at the 7th place, this home in Bedok brought in a mix of Scandinavian and Minimalist design to keep the space looking airy and spacious. If you’re someone who can’t stand any clutter, this is definitely the kind of design you should follow!

Type: Landed
Interior Designer: De Style Interior
Design Style: Contemporary, Minimalist, Scandinavian

#6: Hofe @ Circuit Road

Coming in at the 6th spot is this Contemporary-Scandinavian apartment at Circuit Road. Unlike the usual apartment designs you’d see, this home focuses on the use of geometric shapes to keep the space always looking eye-catchy and outstanding!

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Design Style: Contemporary, Scandinavian
Renovation Cost: $50,000

#5: 10 Simei Rise

In the 5th spot, we have this condo from Simei. Contemporary and Scandinavian designs are the 2 most loved design styles. And this home combined both styles to make the home look even bigger than it really is. What’s even more smart, is how it made use of textures (e.g. brick walls) to keep the space far from looking boring!

Type: Condo
Interior Designer: De Style Interior
Design Style: Contemporary, Scandinavian
Renovation Cost: $38,000
Size: 4-rm

#4: Stairway to Heaven @ Jalan Kayu

Most homes tend to keep the living room as the focus. But this 4th most popular home design from Jalan Kayu begs to differ. From filling up the entire kitchen wall with a chalk board, to having a short staircase that doubles up as a cozy corner, this home design has a kitchen that’s sure to make you keep checking it out. Chef-wannabes, are you up for such a cool home design?

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Design Style: Chic, Contemporary
Renovation Cost: $42 ,000

#3: Ghim Moh Link

And at the 3rd position, we have this apartment at Ghim Moh that’s keeping everyone in awe, with its well-balanced pairing of grey interiors and light-wood furniture. This, together with its simple home furnishings, makes the home a winner in making you feel carefree!

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Design Style: Scandinavian
Renovation Cost: $59,000
Size:  91 sqm

#2: The Raintree

If you’re a resort lover, we can bet with you, you’ll fall in love with this one! Coming in at the 2nd ranking, this Raintree condo combines Nature and Resort styles to make you feel like you’re away in a villa, relaxing your day away.  If only we could really move in there right now!

Type: Condo
Interior Designer: Interi Living
Design Style: NatureResort
Renovation Cost: $85,000
Size: 106 sqm

#1: 807B Chai Chee

And, the most coveted spot goes to…*drum roll*… this home in Chai Chee! With a black wooden dining table by the side, paired with geometric lighting, doesn’t this make you feel like you’re back in a school canteen? Give me my coffee!

Type: HDB
Interior Designer: Voila Design
Design Style: Cafe, Contemporary, Industrial, Minimalist, Retro
Renovation Cost: $35,000
Size:  95 sqm

So, of these top 10, which have you fallen in love with? See more of these on Nestr!

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