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Reduce your electricity bills with these 7 hacks!
April 19, 2018

With the rising costs of producing electricity, it’s inevitable that our energy bills are set to increase as well. In fact, here in Singapore, electricity tariffs have already been increasing for the second consecutive quarter. Will this increasing trend continue? Highly likely.

But, did you know you can reduce your electricity bills, without making alot of changes in your home? Here’s how!

Interior Designer: Jelena Radomirovic

1. Buy energy-efficient home appliances

The easiest way to save on your energy bills is to start with energy-efficient home appliances. Appliances like the air-con, washing machine, and refrigerator are culprits of high energy consumption. So, going for energy-efficient options can greatly cut your electricity bills. For instance, it is estimated that a 2-tick air-con model might actually cost you more than $270 per year in electricity bills as compared to a 5-tick air-con model. To find out more about how you can save energy bills with energy savvy home appliances, check this out!

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2. Reach out for the fan

Sometimes it can get really hot and stuffy in the house. And out of habit, we usually reach out for the air-con to let it cool the place down. But an air-conditioner running on high cool mode can consume as much as 8 times the energy consumption of a normal fan. Yes, a whopping EIGHT times! That’s how energy-heavy air-conditioners can be! So, wherever possible, opt for the fan instead of the air-con.

But, what if the weather is really unbearably hot and you really need a quick fix like the good old air-con? You could turn on the air-conditioner on high cool mode for a short period of time, and once the room feels cool enough, switch to the fan mode to continue keeping the place cool.

3. Have your air-con cleaned

Next, here’s the energy saving tip that many of us are guilty of skipping – cleaning the air-con filters. But, you know what? Clogged or dirty air-con filters will block normal airflow, and can greatly reduce the energy efficiency of the air-con.  And that’s bad news because it only means higher energy consumption but less cool air.

But the good news is you can DIY your filter cleaning, without needing to spend money hiring a professional. If you’re not too sure how to get started, simply check online for the manual of your air-con model and read up about how to take down the filter.  And then, either vacuum the filter or have it hand-washed with warm water, and let it dry fully before re-installing it back into the air-con. Do this every 30 days to maintain good air-con efficiency!

4. Take good care of your fridge

Here’s yet another energy boohoo we are guilty of – not taking care of the fridge. First of all, only buy the size you need. The bigger the fridge, the more energy hungry it will be. And once you’ve gotten your fridge, always ensure that the door seals are in good condition. Otherwise, cool air might be escaping from within the fridge and that forces it to consume even more energy trying to keep your food cool.

Photo by: ErikaWittlieb

But wait, that’s not all! Here’s the key energy-saving hack that even housewives may not know about – a full fridge can save more energy than an empty one. This is because, each time you open the fridge door, cold air escapes while warm air enters. When your fridge is filled up, there’s less air space and less cold air to be exchanged with the external warm air. And this saves your fridge the trouble of having to cool down the newly entered warm air, which in turn saves you on your electricity bills. If your fridge is too big for your needs, placing some jugs of water in the fridge will do the trick.

5. And your washing machine

Besides the air-con and the fridge, your washing machine is also yet another energy hungry appliance. So, how can you save money with your washing machine? On top of opting for energy-efficient machines, you can also:

  • Use cold water instead of warm water. Warm washing consumes much more energy!
  • Ensure the wash cycle matches the load size.
  • For heavily stained clothes, try removing it first using stain removers, instead of washing it multiple times in the washing machine.
  • Wash on full load to optimise appliance efficiency.

6. Turn off, plug off what you don’t need

Many of us like to think that as long as we are not using the electrical appliances at home, they are no longer consuming electricity. We couldn’t be more wrong! Any appliances that has external power supply connected to it can still be consuming electricity even when the appliance is not in use. And that includes your TV, laptop, microwave oven and whatever not.

Of course, we can always argue that this energy consumption is minute, and doesn’t really matter. But, if we’re talking about the many many electrical appliances, that we have at home, which we often like to leave it plugged to the power supply, then the minute amount of energy consumed can add up to a quite a bit! So, always turn off and plug off whatever electrical appliances you are not using.

7. Make your home look brighter without the lights

Some of us are also guilty of over spamming the lights at home to make the place feel brighter. But, a little bit of savvy interior design can go a long way in helping you save on your lights.

Interior designer: Maryna Vaseiko

For instance, you could opt for white or lighter colours for your walls, ceilings, and floors. They will not only make your room look brighter, but also more spacious. Or, if the space feels small and gloomy, go for mirrored walls. They can make the space look bigger and double up your room’s lighting.

Have cooler ideas on how to save on electricity bills? Tell us!

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