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Future proof your home design so it'll never go out of trend
November 19, 2018

Interior design trends come and go. How will your current home design look next year? Hopefully, it will not look like your grandparents’ place!

For those of us who enjoy being trendy, fret not. You can future proof your home so it will never go out of trend. Here’s how!

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

Avoid built-in furniture

If there’s one thing you must avoid, that’s going for built-in furniture. Sure, they sound customized, durable and space saving. But hey! They are built into your walls so you will never ever get to change it easily. Can you imagine attaching a handphone case to your phone with superglue?

Unless it’s a big MUST, such as kitchen cabinets, avoid built-in furniture at all cost.

Keep things flexible with stand-alone furniture

If built-in furniture is not recommended, what’s the alternative? Movable furniture! Yes, they are easily replaceable, affordable and accessible anywhere (hint: online)! The best part is that they do not come with an additional cost of a contractor.

When you’ve acquired a new design taste or found a new purpose in life (e.g. baby), you can easily rearrange and re-purpose them however you feel like. We have the benefit of living in the 21st century where design inspirations are just a click away. If that set of furniture does goes out of trend one day, all you have to do is to replace it. It’s that simple and painless on of your wallet.

Go for neutral tones for your big-ticket furniture

Think it won’t make financial sense to keep changing furniture? No worries! The money-saving trick is to go for neutral tones such as black, white, and grey. These color tones are timeless and form the basis of all design palettes, so they hardly go out of trend.

Furnishings is more than just furniture

Just as life without fun is boring, furniture without decor is too. Try to add characteristics to your home design by decorating it with accessories, such as wall props, table top decors and carpets. They are usually very affordable and make big impact to your overall home design. In fact, you can change the overall theme and mood of the house just by changing these low-cost accessories!

And voila, your home is now a flexible design space, ready to adapt to any design whenever and however you want!

World class home designs at an affordable price. Sounds good?

You can have it, really soon.
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