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7 Must-haves for DIY Home Decoration
November 21, 2018

Tired of your boring home design? Desperately needing some inspirations for a nice and simple DIY home decoration work?

Worry not, here’s your DIY guide. Find out which are the top 7 must-haves for your DIY project and where to get them!

#7: Potted Plants

You might not know this, but having plants around your house can bring up the liveliness of your home by a big notch. And, it makes your home look and feel fresh. The trick to getting potted plants is to get those that are of low maintenance. You wouldn’t want them keeping you overly occupied day and night, right? The good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to DIY-ing your home decor with potted plants. 

You could have those that hang on the wall….

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…or even those smaller ones meant for table top decor.

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#6: Something for the wall

Besides hanging potted plants along your wall, there are plenty of other ways you can give your home a new look just by decorating your walls.

It could be an eye catchy wall shelf.

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Or, it could be a decoration centerpiece that’s sure to be the talking point for your home visitors.

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#5: Carpets

Besides the wall, let’s also not forget the carpets. Furniture alone can give your home a functional look. But without this basic decorative accessory, you can hardly ever get that designerish lifestyle look.

So, go on. Get yourself the carpet you need that matches your furniture to a tee. 

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#4: Sofa cushions

And, what’s worth having a sofa without the nice and pretty cushions and decorations? These days having plain cushions alone has become oh-so-old-school. So, what’s the in thing right now? 

It’s all about the holistic decor of the sofa! And here’s a hack for you! Check out how furniture stores, like IKEA, are doing their own showroom decors and just Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. 

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#3: Table top decor

And of course, how can you have all your tables lying bare like the Sahara Desert? For whatever tables you have, don’t forget to go for tabletop decors. And, guess what, there are tons and tons of cheap yet gorgeous options available online.

Warning: You might shop till you drop for this one!

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#2: Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall! You know its an important element of DIY home decor when even Snow White’s Evil Queen knows how to decorate with it!

It’s not surprising because mirrors are not only decorative, but are also super helpful in making your room look bigger and brighter. So if your walls are bare, go grab some mirrors to brighten and lighten up the room.

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#1: Lighting

And the most important item in your home DIY decor check list? The lightings! Many homeowners think having the very basic ceiling light alone is more than enough. If you’re looking for a functional and boring home, sure they are enough. But if you’re looking for a designerish and motivating look,  you’ve gotta invest in some really nice lightings, dude. Here are some examples!


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